WAMU Metro Connection Show - Intersection of Faith and Arts

April 5, 2013


WAMU Metro Connection Show - 88.5 FM, By Kara Nichols

Four artists explore how faith, spirituality and heritage play a role in

artistic expression from more literal interruptions of religious

imagery to more symbolic expressions of trust and belief.


ART WITH A CONSCIENCE: Mona El-Bayoumi on Creativity, Egyptian Politics, and Being African-Arab

August 8, 2012

Live Unchained Blog
Written by Nesrien Hamid

Arabic-Language Article in Al Ahram Egyptian Newspaper

May 15, 2011


Breaching the Wall
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Article in Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

May 15, 2011


Breaching the Wall
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Musics & Arts: Mona El-Bayoumi's Subliminal Seduction of Spring

June-July 2012


Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Written by Dagmar Painter
Edition, p. 57

Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists: Artists of the American Mosaic

December 30, 2007


Mona El-Bayoumi Included in this Comprehensive List of Arab American Artists.

Published December 30, 2007, p. 105-108
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
Written by Fayeq S. Eweis


Arabic-Language Article in Egyptian Magazine (Sabah El-Kheir)

Mona El-Bayoumi Art featured on the cover of  the Novel Tropical Fish, Stories Out of Entebbe by Ugandan Author Doreen Baingana

January 1, 2005


Tropical Fish was published on January 1, 2005 and written by Doreen Baingana.  Tropical Fish is a collection of linked short stories that explore the coming of age of three African sisters. Introspective and personal, the stories reveal the unexpected ambiguities of the young women's lives. The setting is the lush beauty of Uganda and the background is the aftermath of Idi Amin's dictatorship. But even in such trying circumstances, the stories show that people everywhere face the same basic human struggle to understand themselves, the world, and their place in it.

Arabic-Language Article in another Egyptian Magazine

Children's Self-Guided Tour of the Cairo Museum


Author: Mona A. El-Bayoumi


This is a children's self-guided tour book of the Cairo museum in Cairo, Egypt. It transports children who read the book thousands of years back. It guides the children through the great Ancient Egyptian civilization that dates back over six thousand years. Mona researched and photographed museum contents in the Cairo museum back in 1998 and produced this helpful children's self-guided book. Enjoy.